Shane Carwin is ‘Itching’ to fight

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Retired UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin, 38, recently responded to some fan queries on Twitter about what the sport looks like from the outside.

George Thoupi ‏@GeorgeUFCFan33
Hey Shane, If Brock Lesnar was in the UFC and you could fight him again, would you? And what would you change in your gameplan?

Shane Carwin ‏@ShaneCarwin
Dream come true! I knock him down and say get up bitch and knock him down again…and again…and again. @GeorgeUFCFan33

Stephan Khan ‏@FlexMastaSteph
how’s retirement big man?

Shane Carwin ‏@ShaneCarwin
I’m itching to fight, can’t stand it

Following losses to former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos, Carwin suffered a series of neck and back issues that ultimately forced him from the fight game.