Shane del Rosario clinging to life

December 1, 2013

On Tuesday morning UFC heavyweight Shane del Rosario suffered a catastrophic cardiovascular collapse. He was found by his roommate UFC flyweight Ian McCall, who called 911, and administered CPR.

Del Rosario was resuscitated in the ER, and returned back to stable heart rhythm and blood pressure. On Wednesday he underwent an Arctic Sun procedure, raising his core temperature in hopes that his brain would activate. Unfortunately, it was not successful; del Rosario, 30, was moved onto life support and showed no brain activity.

When a highly conditioned athlete suffers an apparently fatal cardiac event at the age 30, fans naturally question why. Del Rosario's manager Jason House suggested it could have been the result of Long QT Syndrome, a rare heart condition.

His family were going to make a decision Friday morning about whether to continue life support, but decided to delay the determination, apparently until today, when he was removed from life support. The removal of life support in the case of brain death generally consists of removal from a ventilator.

However, there is now a ray of hope, as according to freports, del Rosario is now off a ventilator, and breathing only with a respirator. A ventilator is a device that aids or entirely performs the breathing process for patients, using a compression system to force air into the patient’s lungs several times each minute. Those fully unable to breathe on their own must be linked to the machine by a tube inserted into their trachea. A respirator by contrast is a mask-like device covering the nose and mouth, that does not provide a complete degree of assistance.

There are also reports that the fighter is showing some brain activity, and squeezed his mother's hand.

Del Rosario remains in a fight for his life.

“All of these are positive signs," said a friend. "However, we just have to be patient and wait. These are not definitive signs. They could mean something, or they could mean nothing.”

Please keep del Rosario in your thoughts and prayers.

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