Shannon Knapp: Invicta doing fine financially

Friday, January 11, 2013

Steph Daniels interviewed Invicta CEO Shannon Knapp following the failure of UStream to deliver an adequate online PPV at Invicta 4, and Knapps spot decision to offer fans the fights for free.

“Hopefully we move from here to a more stable platform, a broadcast partner,” said Pratt. “This incident has certainly put a little more pep in my step to want to do that. We have a good product that people want to watch. We need to give them a stable place to watch it on. It definitely makes you stand up and say, ‘I need to switch some stuff up.’ We’re in dialogue with a handful of potential broadcast partners, so when we do secure something, I’ll let everyone know. I won’t reveal any names right now, because nothing is concrete, and it’s unprofessional to reveal information before any deals have been made.”

“We’re doing amazing things right now. Our numbers are great. Everybody forgets that we haven’t even been in business for a year. Our first show was at the end of April, 2012. Are we in dire straits? We’re only out $7.95 [laughs]. Seriously, I don’t think this put us in dire straits. If it was a do or die situation, like some journalists are suggesting, we would’ve inflated the price of the event. We’re doing fine.”

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