Shaolin’s camp to contest Beerbohm decision

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Shaolin vs Beerbohm decision ruined a perfect streak for Brazilian fighters last Saturday night at Strikeforce St. Louis: Heavy Artillery. The judges unaimous decision did not find agreement with a majority of journalists and fans. Said Nova União leaderAndré Pederneiras, “Man, it’s the first time I see a guy spending all the fight defending himself and getting off there with a loss. here were a lot of critics, because Shaolin attacked all the time and there was a judge that gave 30 to 27 for the other guy…I think they missed his name on the paper, it’s not possible”.

In a chat with TATAME, Pederneiras revealed he and manager Alex Davis will file a lawsuit along with the Athletic Commission, asking them to change the result. “They can’t do that, is absurd, it’s not right. Even if I have to ask the help of a lawyer, I will change this outcome. I can’t understand. When I went to see it, there was a guy who gave the round to a guy who was beaten up by Jacaré in three rounds, and now they managed to give a round for the guy who was beaten by “BigFoot” during the three rounds.”

Pederneiras hopes to get the result changed to a No Contest, at least. And he has done it before. “Here in the U.S. I don’t how it works. I was in Japan, and even that no one (Shooto) has never cancel a result before, and I didn’t even need a lawyer there, I just wrote a letter telling the whole fight, point by point, second by second and a loss they have given to Robinho turned out a draw. I couldn’t make it a win, but I got a draw”, the black belt recalls about cancelled a loss of Róbson Moura against Mamoru Yamaguchi in 2004.

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