Sherk: I’m still one of the best

Friday, May 11, 2012

“I’m not ready to walk away,” said Sherk. “I consider myself still one of the top fighters in the world, I just want to get the right fight, get the right fight for my legacy.”

The 38-year old Sherk has been competing in combat sports since age seven, with a decorated career as an amateur wrestler before making his mixed martial arts debut in the pre-Unified Rules era in 1999. And while he’s been lucky enough to go as long as he has without suffering a serious injury, the cumulative effect from three decades of scrapping was his reason for taking an extended break.

“It’s just normal wear and tear,” said Sherk (36-4-1). “I’ve been competing in wrestling since I was seven years old, for 13 years, and I’ve been fighting professionally for 12 years. My first fight was in ‘99, so, you know, it’s been a long road. I’ve always trained hard, my goal was work hard in the gym so I wouldn’t have to suffer defeat, wouldn’t ever have to get tired, wouldn’t have to watch my opponent get his hand raised. Obviously over time, that stuff adds up.”

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