Sherk: Let’s get UFC titles back to America

Thursday, October 25, 2012

On whether he follows the 155 lb. division closely: I don’t watch MMA outside of when I’m at events. I’ll sit down, I’ll watch the fights, but as far as what’s going on in the lightweight division, I know who the champ is, outside of that, I don’t know anyone (laughs).

On Ben Henderson vs. Frankie Edgar: You know, I didn’t see the first fight that they fought. The second time that they fought I was actually there. I thought that Frankie might have won that fight, just an opinion. I think a lot of people might have thought the same thing. But, you know, the judges might have saw something different. It was close enough to go either way, or worst case scenario been called a draw.

On Frankie Edgar’s move to the featherweight division: I think that’s a great decision. I think that he’s going to give Jose Aldo hell, and I think he’s going to beat him. With Frankie’s wrestling and his mobility, I think he’s going to give Aldo all he can handle. I’d like to keep all the belts here in the States. Right now we’ve got have the UFC belts in Brazil, the other half are here in the United States. I want them all to be here. This is an American sport, man, let’s keep them here. No disrespect towards the Brazilians at all; I want to see Americans hold the title belts, just like they want to see the Brazilians hold title belts.

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