Shine Fights COO: Fans will still pick match ups

Sunday, September 12, 2010

From: Jason Chambers
Shine Fights, COO
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Hey guys-

I have a few minutes before I drop into a coma for a week, so I wanted to open up a few minutes to get your feedback.

Big thanks to my team for pulling it together and getting the show done against the odds.
HUGE props to all the guys that stepped up to the plate and put on a bunch of killer fights!

Carlo “where the hell did he go” Prater was a true champion and we will definitely have him back and Drew Fickett proved Knightrider is back!

Also proud of Carlos Conduit. *whoops*

Q. breakbeatbox – Would you consider a Prater/Fickett rematch? Prater was obviously crushed by the loss and it would be interesting to see how it’d go if they were both fully rested.

A. I would, but there are some other match-ups I would like to see Carlo in 1st. Regardless,I am a HUGE Prater fan now!

Q. xcouturefan – I ordered the show and watched it with a few friends.

    It was entertaining.

    Also was nice to see the return of a one night 8 man tournament.

A. Thanks! Appreciate it. We are working hard to make sure consistently improve. Next show will be even better! First step was to make sure we could get this one done. It is a monumental task to move an entire show on 4 days notice.

Q. madmav –  so when is the next event..
    is shine gonna do anymore ol’ school touneys..
    will you fire OMA and hire bas and frye for your next event..
    will you ever co-promote with another org..
    and last.. did OMA get carded before going into the casino??

A. Looking at a few options for our next event, def doing more tournaments.

I was very happy with OMA’s commentary 🙂

We would be open to a co-promotion if it is the right fit for us and the fighters.

Q.  breakbeatbox – Do you plan to continue allowing the fans to pick matchups dispite the comission’s disapproval? Also, will you continue to put on one night tournaments?

A. Yes, regardless of the challenges it poses, I am sticking by my words. Fans pick match-ups for all tourneys.

Q.  smoogy –  How come James Warfield did not take Kyle Baker’s spot in the semifinal?

A. We originally had 2 alternate bouts , but due to the hectic week, we lost one. It was decided that we would use a “same side” alternate (Bracket) if we needed to replace one.

Warfield / Baker was a war- could that fight have been more entertaining?

Q.  AgedCaviar –  I for one like the ring; the ropes need to be tightened though. Are you planning on keeping it a ring event?

A. Yes- We needed vertical ties. Will be there for the next one.

Q.  Sans Lubricant –  I ordered and enjoyed the show. BRING SHINE TO THE DC AREA!!!!

    Seriously, I have connections around here. If you want me to take out someones kneecaps from the VSAC shoot me a PM.

A. LOL 🙂

It is still a possibility.

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