Shine fights exec faces tough questions on TapouT Live

Friday, September 03, 2010

There were certain things Ron made me privy to that could not be discussed due to legal ramifications that could negatively impact him.

Now I have a timeline. We had already booked 2 interviews with Keith Jardine and Jorge Masvidal. That left me with exactly 35 minutes to squeeze two more interviews in.  I set Ron up with 20 minutes, and had set aside 15 for Jason.

We interviewed Ron as scheduled, and I wrapped the interview at the 21 minute mark because of our duty to do Jason’s interview.  I had them scheduled within 10 minutes of each other.  When I was wrapping with Ron, I got a text from Jason asking for us to call him 10 minutes later than scheduled time, because he was on a very important conference call.  I did as he asked, with no answer from his phone when I called.  I waited 10 more minutes and tried again.  He did not answer.  About 10-15 minutes later, he finally called to say he could not do the interview.  I am not at liberty to give you his reasons why, I can only say that he cancelled.

Had I known prior to Ron’s interview that we wouldn’t have Jason on, I would have dedicated the entire 35 minutes to him, and you might have gotten more satisfaction from this than you currently have.  I knew there was much more to be heard from Ron, so before the interview ever went to air, actually about 30 minutes after we interviewed him, I had already asked Jordan Breen to put him on his show to get to whatever we couldn’t.

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