Shogun’s manager: I am not a victim of a UFC plot

Thursday, February 16, 2012

On Tuesday Mauricio “Shogun” Rua announced via Twitter that he had split with Eduardo Alonso, his manager of some five years.

“I would like to tell that I no longer work with Eduardo Alonso,” said Shogun. “We still friends, as usually.”

In an interview with Sherdog, Shogun said that he and Alonso remained friends, and that he respected him. He also said “the UFC has made it clear that we don’t need a manager; all negotiations are conducted by the athletes themselves.”

UFC President Dana White responded quickly, saying that he does not care one way or another whether a fighter has a manager.

Now Alonso responds, on the UG.

UFC and Managers – A Fair view

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I have been quiet on purpose as the end of my professional relationship with Shogun Rua has been a different moment in my life. The end of a professional relationship where I devoted myself the most over the last years, and it pretty much became my own life. Those who know me, know this is true. Therefore, I’m taking some time off, resting and putting my ideas into place. I don’t want to answer questions from press under emotion and I have the biggest respect in the world for Shogun and his brother Ninja, who gave me my first big opportunity as a manager and regardless of working together or not, this will always remain like this. Shogun has all the talent in the world, and will remain a friend forever, even if we get to rarely see each other from now on.

With that said, in the middle of my “Vacation” and life decisions, I have been reading a lot of stuff, a lot of guesses and although I can’t speak for Shogun, I can and feel like I need to make my voice heard about a certain subject, and decided to do it here, the place where I pretty much started my career in the sport of MMA, back in the days it was still NHB. (Hope all is well Kirik!)

Ever since I began managing Shogun and dealing with the UFC, they are always respectful to me and always respected my position as the fighter representative, and ultimately respected Shogun’s decision in having me as his manager.

Obviously, trough the years, as we learned to understand each other’s professional ways, understand each other and respect each other more, the relationship grew stronger in a sense of respect and trust.

NEVER I felt disrespected by the UFC, much less by Lorenzo and Dana, and SINCERELY in NO WAY at all I feel like they EVER intefered in my relationship with Shogun, Demian or any other person in the world. Much on the contrary, they likely only made my relationship with my fighters stronger.

I know this may sound like a** kissing, but people that know me well know it’s not the case. I’m being as sincere and honest as I always am, and certainly I think they respect more managers, or any other professional for that matter, that plays an open and honest game with them. You can tell whatever you want about the UFC, Dana, Joe or Lorenzo, but from experience they are always straight shooters, and I feel it’s like in any business in the world, if you own a company and deal with people that you feel are not serious with you, or don’t respect you, you won’t be as open to them as you will to people who treat you with honesty and respect. No big misteries.

With that said, I highly doubt they would ever interfere in a relationship between a fighter and a manager. Sometimes there are even managers or agents who aren’t really likely to be as sincere with the fighters as they claim to be, and still they won’t interfere, and I have seen it myself. Having a manager or not having a manager is really a fighter’s decision, and it’s the way I believe as well. I never asked a fighter to work with me, and I would never force a fighter to stay with me.

This is a tough profession if you are serious, hard working, committed, honest and a real manager, which IMO people often mistake for an agent, two completely different jobs. Some important guys in the UFC were managers in the past, take Dana White himself or Burt Watson for example, who are different guys in personalities but both equally honest when stating their opinions, and believe me, all the difficulties in my experience at being accepted as a true profession of worth never came from the UFC, much on the contrary. Everybody in the UFC was always very professional in dealing with.

Regardless of whatever I do with my life in the future, I have the biggest respect in the world for the UFC as an organization, for Dana and Lorenzo for the professionals they are, and how they always treated me fairly, and for Shogun for the amazing talent he is and the opportunity he gave me in life, which I hope I have been worthy while I was at it.

Sorry for the long post, I don’t plan on talking much about our split again in the near time, but I felt this needed to be addressed as in no way I am a victim of whatever UFC plot there is. If for one thing UFC interfered in my life, as to always allow me to grow as a professional, both learning and improving my work.

Now back to my vacation, all the best!

Eduardo Alonso.

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