Silva: I had injured rib, was at 85% vs. Weidman

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva recently conducted an interview with Brazilian language MMA site Combate, and said he suffered a rib injury during preparation for the Weidman fight. This was reported prior to the fight, but denied at the time by the Silva camp.

When asked if he had any physical problem before the title losing fight, Anderson revealed the injury.

“It is good to talk about it, because I was really hurt,” said Silva. “So far no one had touched on this subject, but this is no excuse for my performance. It was slightly below the rib that I had fractured before the first fight against Sonnen. And that’s it. I was 85% of my physical condition.”

Asked to detail the injury, the Spider was evasive.

“I can not talk about it because anything I talk can be used against me,” said Silva, adding “it is past.”

Silva also said the injury had healed, and he was ready to start training for the rematch at UFC 168 on Dec. 28.

“I’m fine now,” said Silva. “Wednesday I start to train for the fight.”

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