Silva: I lost control

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Anderson Silva was a perfect 16-0 in the UFC and in that time showed brilliant control, technique, and power in most of fights. However it was a lack of control that Silva blamed for his recent loss to Chris Weidman at UFC 162:

“It [the awkward movement] was a technical error to keep my legs parallel; I should have taken a step back instead,” he said. 

“Several factors led to the knockout. The tension in the air before the fight, you just want to burst … it was a series of mistakes.” 

Silva revealed another error on his part: Instead of returning to his corner after Round 1 for guidance, he took issue with his team’s suggestions. 

“In my career, I’ve always went back to my corner [for advice],” Silva said. “Against Weidman, I went back to argue, and I should have gone back to my corner and calmed down. I didn’t do any of that; I lost control.” 

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