Silva: Super fights are ‘perfect bullsh*t’

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

 A super fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre or Jon Jones has long been discussed in the media and amongst fans. Silva has said in the past he will fight anyone, but that doesn’t mean he agrees with the idea of super fights:

Speaking at Lions Pride Gym in London, the former middleweight champion said that any superfight denies other fighters the chance to come up.

“My opinion – the people always say ‘superfight, superfight’ but where are the chances for the new guys to come?

“I’m ready for fight for Jon Jones, Georges St Pierre but in my academy, Minatouro, Glover and the other fighters in this class for Jon Jones. George St Pierre is a different class. I have my problems in my class.

“Yeah it’s good for business but is no good for the other’s guy fight. I go to fight Georges St Pierre, he cuts up, I cut down. I finish the fight. I go to fight Jon Jones, I finish the fight. Who’s next? No have! My opinion, this is perfect bullshit.”

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