Silva: Why I initially turned down the rematch

Thursday, July 25, 2013

When Anderson Silva lost his title to Chris Weidman at UFC 162 earlier this month, he initally said he didn’t want a rematch. UFC president Dana White said with confidence there would would be one, and a week later the rematch was scheduled for the massive New Years show, UFC 168, or Dec. 28.

In an interview with the Brazilian radio show “Mundo da Luta” Silva explained the change of heart.

“I was so sad with myself, with my lack of control on the moment, that I said some words that weren’t nice,” said Silva. “I said that I wouldn’t fight for the title. But after I signed the contract (earlier in the year), Dana told me that he would give [me a rematch if I had lost the belt]. I was so out of myself that I didn’t think about it.”

“I lost my focus and made a technical mistake. It was one of the things that I left – the philosophy of the martial art –and it cost me the belt. I always fought with this felling of keeping the martial art philosophy and keeping the control of the situation – trying to be as calm as possible for me to keep the balance of the octagon, which is very hard to do.”

Silva’s fans and detractors alike generally had harsh words after the loss, attributing it to showboating that went too far. Silva said he understands.

“The criticism is valid, but I’m human,” he said. “I made a technical mistake, and it was good for me and for the people around me to learn. I had to be able to know that focus is always needed. I lost focus, and now I will get better.”

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