Silva posts ‘proof’ of illegal blows Velasquez used to end fight

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tonight UFC heavyweight Antonio Silva posted a photo and message to his Instagram, showing what he deemed proof that Velasquez landed illegal blows which caused the referree to call a stop to their bout at UFC 159.

“Winning or losing is part of sport and every professional athlete has prepared for these kinds of results, sometimes it’s how you lose. The photo above on the left was taken hours after the fight and on the right was taken today, was told by several people that I took blows to the back of the head where it is considered irregular blows, just see the pictures and video of the fight to confer …

I do not want this making excuses for my loss would have rather been knocked over without conditions to raise or terminated than have lost in my view unfairly … Blow to the ear does not get swollen like part of the rear of the head.”

Antonio Silva