Silva still hoping for super fights with Jones, St-Pierre

Monday, August 05, 2013

Prior to his matchup at UFC 162 with Chris Weidman, Anderson Silva was expected to have at least one super fight, hopefully two: one with Jon Jones and another with Georges St-Pierre. However, that was predicated on defeating Chris Weidman, which we all know did not end being the case.

Silva though still believes super fights can happen for him, although he does remain focused on his rematch with Weidman:

“I really wanted this fight to happen,” Anderson Silva said during a radio interview to “Panico”, on Friday, about facing GSP. “He’s a guy that plays by the rules, doesn’t take too many risks. That fight may happen, or maybe not. He said he doesn’t want it, I don’t know. I’ll train and remain focused to fight (Weidman) on Dec. 28.”

“He’s like that (Ayrton) Senna’s rival. They used to compete at the same time and one of them was technical and the other played by the rules. (GSP) is the UFC’s Alain Prost,” Silva added, comparing himself to Brazilian racing driver Senna, who won three Formula One world championships.

After Anderson’s loss to Weidman on July 6, UFC president Dana White said the superfights including the Brazilian, GSP and Jones were gone, once that Silva “was the link to both of them.”

“I hope it happens,” Anderson Silva told about the possibility of facing light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in the future. “That’s the fight everybody is waiting for.”

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