Silva wants to bring Chuck Norris & Steven Seagal to camp for rematch

Monday, August 05, 2013

Martial arts and movie icon Steven Seagal has been a part of Anderson’s career in the past few years. Whether you believe he actually helps the former middleweight champion in actual training, the fact is that Silva does consult with him, and now has stated he would like to bring another martial arts and movie legend into the fold:

“I hope it happens,” Anderson Silva told about the possibility of facing light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in the future. “That’s the fight everybody is waiting for.”

However, Silva knows he can’t overlook Weidman.

“I had a nightmare with Weidman, but I don’t fear him,” Anderson said during the radio interview. “He is determined, but has two arms and two legs just like me. Now I’ll bring Chuck Norris (to my camp). I’ll bring both, Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal.”

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The tone of Silva’s statement is unsure, so who knows if he really means he wants to bring in Chuck Norris. Although who would have believed him if he told everyone he was bringing in Seagal to help him, and that actually happened.