Silva would consider Jones bout at catchweight

Thursday, October 18, 2012

– People are talking about it so much … I have no such intention, it has something that motivates me, just because they have other athletes on my team, as Nogueira, Maldonado, Beans, Cauldron, which is the weight of it. My weight is 84kg, this is my title. But people talk so much, and we are the official UFC. Of course, I do not want to be talking, but what if he goes there and accepted the money that Dana will give him wanting to fight? It’ll be difficult. It’s not the money that motivates me to fight, I fight because I like it. So, I dunno … I would not. But if it happens, would be that the weight-matched. Not worth his belt. I already got mine and I do not want to leave a title dropped.

– At home is almost a foot. Never give anything, almost always is. When you go to fight a champion you have to be physically and psychologically prepared to face a champion. No wonder he is the champion and champions are there. You have to train hard and be prepared. You must have head champion to fight a champion. There may have defeated head. All opponents must have a champion head champion. Not just challenging.

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