Snowden: Why is Jones refusing to promote fight with Sonnen?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jon Bones Jones @JonnyBones
•I could care less about promoting my game is winning
•The beautiful thing about Chael is that he uses his words and that’s about all he has, really. He’s just a gang of quotes that no one’s going to remember.
•He’s weak in every way, shape or form. He taps before submissions are even sunk in. I could put one hand around his throat and he’s probably going to tap.

B/R’s Jonathan Snowden argues that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is not promoting his fight on April 27 at UFC 159 with Chael Sonnen, and that the person most harmed is Jones himself.

Jon Jones gets paid by the viewer.

Like all defending UFC champions, Jones banks a dollar amount based largely on how many people order the show on pay-per-view.

It’s not enough just to win. The world is filled with broke fighters who could win bouts, but couldn’t win the hearts and minds of fight fans.

It’s this stark reality that makes Jones’ approach to his April 27th fight with Chael Sonnen, considered by many analysts the most commercial UFC fight of the year, nothing short of flabbergasting.

It’s not just that Jones has seemingly refused to promote the fight, though his lack of interest and sneering dismissal of the business side of his profession has to be troubling for the UFC. Worse than disinterest, he’s actively and continually downplayed the contest, making it clear that he doesn’t believe Sonnen is a fit contender and that this isn’t a competitive bout.

When the true masters of the game promote their bouts, they never dismiss their opponents outright like that.

Watching Jones during The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale on FX was painful. He and Sonnen were given an entire segment to promote their upcoming bout, a chance to hard-sell a captive audience of fans on free television.

Chael did his best to drum up interest. Jones all but yawned, refusing to make eye contact, making his disdain and disinterest in the whole process crystal clear. If the champ can’t be bothered to care about his own fight, why should any of the rest of us?

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