Some fool stole GSP’s car

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Georges St-Pierre ‏@GeorgesStPierre
My car got stolen last week, first time this happened to me- I wish I could have caught the guy while he was doing it!!

Naturally, the UG responded with a massive outpouring of sympathy:
•LILBROCK: Waits for ‘he would have layed on them until the cops got there’ comments
•BobbyDigital420: oh, so wait, is this him tweeting or did he contact his social media team and tell them to post this?
•Best Chris Ever: Shocked no one said “maybe he could have finished that fight”
•WickedWyatt234: He can just buy another one.
•john joe: hopefully this ends in a judge’s decision
•Ryan Williams: I also have a takedown on GSP I was at Mandalay bay in the wave pool body surfing and I ran into him and knocked him down. Me and my buddy were like oh shit I’m dead. He was cool about it though.
•UGCTT_SidRival: I really hope Prebek makes a video about this.
•Ryan Williams: I was wondering why that car stalled when I stole it! J/k don’t get butthurt
•cheesesteak: Poor guy would have been superman punched into bolivia

Even CM Punk piled on, via Twitter

CM Punk @CMPunk
@GeorgesStPierre so was your car stolen, or was the person who tweets for you get their car stolen? Strictly for law enforcement…

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