Sonnen: Bout with Jones stopped early

July 11, 2013

At a recent Q&A session at the UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas, Chael Sonnen was asked if he thought his last title fight with Jon Jones was stopped early. What do you think he said?

“I do think it was stopped too early.  I was surprised when they stopped the fight,” said Sonnen during a question and answer session during the UFC Fan Expo leading up to UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman.

Sonnen did not protest the stoppage when it happened, but has said he was defending himself when the referee called a halt to the fight.

“Anytime you’re in that type of competition, whether you agree with it or you don’t agree with it, you get up and you walk out because those are the rules,” he said.  “I’ve won plenty of fights where they stopped them too early, so it goes both ways.  Yes, it was stopped too early.”

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