Sonnen: Biting in soccer doesn’t make sense

Friday, June 27, 2014

While the most common base in mixed martial arts is wrestling, with BJJ not too far behind, former UFC middleweight, welterweight, lightweight, and featherweight Kenny Florian started off as a soccer player, for the Boston College Eagles.

Florian appeared recently on FOX Sports Live and was asked to comment on the biggest news out the World Cup besides USA>UK – Uruguay's Luis Suarez biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini.

After biting/being bit, as one would expect, both players feigned injury and flopped to the ground.

It was UFC Tonight co-host Chael Sonnen who replied most compellingly, from experience.

“Lets start with what happened on the soccer field,” said Sonnen as transcribed by  David St. Martin for MMAFighting. “To bite someone in the course of battle at least somehow makes some kind of sense. To walk up behind a guy and just bite into his shoulder is just a very weird thing to do.”

“I've never experienced it in the Octagon, but I have experienced it in wrestling matches. I'll be quite honest, I've been on both sides of it. That's right. I'm very shady.”

“Now, they stuck their finger in my mouth. He put his finger in my mouth and was trying to give me the old fishhook, so I gave him just a little, gentle bite to let him know, 'I will chomp on this thing should you not remove your finger.' Shady.”

So what do you think UG? Under what circumstances would you bite someone?