Sonnen: Evans a lousy tipper

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Although Rashad Evans beat Chael Sonnen with ease in their lightheavyweight showdown, that will probably never stop Sonnen from trash-talking. As colleagues on Fox Sports Live, Sonnen and Evans continue to jab at each other, with Sonnen landing the most recent shot, giving Evans crap his tipping at a restaurant:

That’s according to the man he laid the smack down upon, Chael Sonnen, who blew the whistle on “Suga” after they had dinner with FOX Sports colleague Jay Glazer and ran up a $700 tab. As it turns out, former San Francisco 49ers General Manager Eddie DeBartolo picked up the tab, which means those three stooges sat there for four hours and it didn’t cost them a dime.

All they had to do was pick up the tip.

According to Sonnen, Evans volunteered for the job and left a whopping $20 for services rendered, then proceeded to stiff the valet when they jumped in a cab to beat feet. 

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