Sonnen: How to get the girl

Thursday, June 20, 2013

AXE: So Chael we know you have a special lady in your life, how’d you two meet?

Chael Sonnen: Aweeee uh oh, you’re talking about Ms. Britney. Meoooow. Ya, that women’s hot. I was at a fight in Portland and she was their reluctantly I later found out. She went with her brother. And I saw her downstairs and I tried to make conversation and she ran away. So I had to follow her, this was a two story building, and it was packed. I had to go through this whole crowd to find her again, and when I found her she was trying to get away again. We had never met and she didn’t know who I was, or my name or anything like that, but I borrowed her phone, I said ‘hey, my phone went dead, can I borrow yours’? So I borrowed her phone, then I called myself. So I gave her her phone back and then she ran off with her friend, but I had already recaptured the number.

Watch the video below to hear Ms. Britney’s side: