Sonnen: ‘I will bury Bisping where he stands’

Thursday, August 12, 2010

From: Bubblegum
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It was the Chael Sonnon show on MMA Live this week since he was an in-studio guest all show. Some quick notes.

*He said Anderson gave up and told Chael he gave up in the 3rd.

*Chael said he told Anderson he’ll put an end to the punishment if Anderson just rolls over and gives him the choke. Anderson turned the offer down.

*He said everything Anderson hit him with hurt.

*Said he was a boxer as a kid and hasn’t told anybody about it. He talked to his Dad as a kid and wanted to quit wrestling to become an amateur boxer and box in the Olympics. That’s why he wasn’t scurred of Anderson at all on the feet.

*When asked what’s next he said “Well you know I’ll tell ya if Michael Bisping ever addresses me in public again I’ll bury him where he stands”.

*Said he’s not going to wait around for an Anderson rematch.