Sonnen: Takedowns key to Weidman winning

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chael Sonnen was one round away from beating Anderson Silva in their first match, and he won the first four rounds using takedowns, which he believes is the key to Chris Weidman having success in his rematch with Anderson Silva:

UFC TONIGHT Host Chael Sonnen on Silva vs. Weidman: “Anderson Silva is the favorite in this fight. You could say in the last one he got caught. What people miss, he was getting dominated before the knockout in the last one. Anderson has a big gap to close.”

UFC TONIGHT Host Kenny Florian on Anderson Silva’s keys to victory at UFC 168: “Anderson needs to go back to what he knows. He’s got to be on his wrestling game and to keep the range. Leg kicks from the outside will help him keep the range. If he does get taken down, he’s got to work from the bottom, or get back to his feet. And he can’t be cocky.”

Sonnen on Weidman’s keys to victories: “It’s the takedowns. He was a college all-American in wrestling. He’s got to move forward, he can’t back up. He’s got to land the takedown, and have ground control. He’s got to look for a submission, but watch out for Silva’s submission attempts.”

Sonnen on Silva’s clowning: “That’s how he sets you up. He’s like the Medusa; he freezes you and gets you to turn to stone, then knocks you out. He did that to stop the take downs in the first fight.”