Sonnen: ‘The UFC is plagued with cowards’

Thursday, February 13, 2014

When Rashad Evans injured his knee and had to withdraw from UFC 170 next Saturday, Chael Sonnen immediately offered to finish filming the Ultimate Fighter Brazil, fly to Vegas, and fight Cormier in Evans' place.

Sonnen notorious for his unequaled ability to stir up interest around a fight, and revered for his willingness to step up on moment's notice. In a text message to FOX Sports Marc Ramondi, Sonnen took to task fighters who did step forward.

“DC is a top contender,” said Sonnen. “For people to not jump at the shot to fight him is more than confusing, it’s infuriating. The UFC is plagued with cowards. If you are a light heavyweight who isn’t booked and you didn’t offer to fight him, please, I beg you, quit.”

The list of figures that did offer to take the fight includes Anthony Johnson and Pat Cummins.