Sonnen: This tournament [TUF 17] is incredibly nasty

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

“Well, I heard the thing, too,” said Sonnen. “This tournament is incredibly nasty. When Dana said it, here’s the problem, I’m not sure of who he’s referring to. There’s some hammers in this tournament, there really are. I also heard him make the comment, and he said it jokingly, but he still said it that, `What am I going to do with the winner of the tournament, put him against Anderson Silva for the title?’ When the president talks that way, it means something. This is the nastiest field of competitors. All you have to do is watch the very first show. It’s the eliminations to see who gets into the house. When you see the guys who don’t make it into the final cut, that’s when you’re going to understand how tough it is.”

Sonnen described the tournament as one that if the same guys were put in the same tournament three or four different times, that there would be three or four different winners.

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