Chael Sonnen blasts Brazil, makes national news there

June 8, 2011

BJJ founder Carlos Gracie famously said "He'll get to dreamland, but first he has to walk through the garden of punishment." Chael Sonnen's opponents face a similar gauntlet - they will get to fight him, but first they have to smell the garden of taunts. Recently, Chael Sonnen took to Twitter and issued such a torrent of teasing that O Globo, Brazil largest newspaper covered it.

Greetings from Sao Paulo! I'm learning the language: breakdancing in the Special Olympics is called capoiera and cocaine is called brunch

Machida is a gentleman. MMA is very cutthroat, and it's sweet that Lyoto promised to never fight his girlfriend Anderson. That's devotion.

I'd beat up Machida on the way to the ring to beat up Anderson, and I'll kick Nogeria's ass in the parking lot on the way to my after party.

I would never bash karate.Karate produced many MMA champions, most of course, there's..Wow, I thought this would be easier

Machida is not a bad guy; he's a victim of the Brazilian education system. There are better ways to get electrolytes than drinking piss.

Brazil likes to boast that it's the power seat of MMA, yet it's so-called champions bow to the man behind "Under Siege 2."........ Classy.

I still admire Steven Seagal. Anyone that can be that self-possessed without doing a damn thing to earn it, knows something that I don't.

Yushin and I are in Brazil to follow in Andy's ways. Got ballet shoes, a team of has-beens, even brought a fat talentless celeb for trainer.

I could write a dissertation on this experience:"The Tragic Interplay of Delusion, Insecurity, and Incompetence: the Nog Brothers' Story".

Stay tuned for the sequel, "Help, an Asian Judako is Beating My Ass: The Anderson Silva Story

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