Sonnen coach: Bisping is mentally weak

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

“We were actually kind of happy. We weren’t really concerned at all. In a way, we thought this wasn’t that much different than the Brian Stann fight,” Sonnen’s head coach Scott McQuary said.

“Except Stann hits a hell of a lot harder…Bisping breaks easily. I think he’s mentally weak. Watch how he fought Dan Henderson. I think he was totally intimidated. And I think he’s going to be intimidated by Chael too…Chael is such a hard worker and he has such a fast pace. Bisping is much more lackadaisical. He likes to throw a jab, throw a kick, keep his distance. He’s not going to be able to keep up the pace Chael forces. Whether on the ground or standing.”

“Coming from a wrestling background, he tried to take a more humble approach. Over the last couple of years he’s taken a little different approach… Whether they hate him or they love him, they know who he his,” longtime training partner Matt Lindland said. “They want to see him fight either way. I think it’s important that he learned how to do that. This is what it takes in this industry. It’s an entertainment industry. The promoters decide which fights are going to sell more tickets and those are the fights they put together. It’s about building hype and putting on a show. There’s no athletic architecture that says ‘If you beat this guy, your next fight is for a world title.'”

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