Sonnen pens a poem to Silva

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From today’s UFC Fight Night 22 Q & A in Austin, Texas

“GSP, bring your $3,000 suit, bring your $3 date, and get the 3 cent tan beaten off your Socialist back.”

“We all got caught in this stand up and bang- we wanna see you bang.” And then Arlovski and Tim Sylvia, these two bums who got fired for fighting one night, they bang the whole time and the crowd’s booing to death. I’m falling asleep in my living room.”

“Yeah I’m an attention whore, that is the business I’m in.”

“I’ve got no friends from 9 to 5.”

“If Brock Lesnar were here I’d take my boot off and throw it at him, and he better polish it up before he brings it back to me.”

“I’ve been working on a poem for Anderson Silva:
Anderson think it through
There’s still a few months before they lock the cage door behind me and you
Last time they raised your hand
But it was plain to see
That I took a lot more out of you than you took out of me
I broke the mirror and I blew away the smoke
It was me who tapped
But it was you who broke”