Sonnen to compete at Metamoris 4 despite NSAC threat

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Earlier this week the NSAC issued a statement that they would fine Chael Sonnen should he follow through with a scheduled jiu-jitsu match this weekend at Metamoris 4.

Despite the potential of heavy fines, Sonnen's jiu-jitus coach today revealed that Sonnen is still planning to compete at the event:

The Nevada Athletic Commission tried to get him off the Metamoris 4 main event, but Chael Sonnen has decided to compete anyways.

Chael Sonnen’s jiu-jitsu coach Fabiano “Pega-Leve” Scherner told on Wednesday night that the former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight title challenger had decided to travel to Los Angeles and will battle  Andre Galvao in the main event.

Sonnen is aware that the commission might go after him after the grappling match, Scherner said, but he had no choice but to honor his commitment with Metamoris and compete.

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