Spencer Fisher: Thanks for the ride

Sunday, June 24, 2012

From: Spencer Fisher
Posted: June 23rd, 12:20 AM
Member Since: 4/25/04
Posts: 542

I would like to say thanks to everybody that has supported me through out my career.  But, I can’t keep losing and expect to keep a career in fighting when you are losing more than you are winning.   Last night I did not get hurt once and found my range and felt like my old self again.  I was having fun again!  Congrats to Stout, he always brings out the best in me.  He did throw me off with his wrestling, I was expecting to be a mostly stand up fight.  But this is MMA not boxing. 

Thank you Dana White, Joe Silva and all you fans for your support.  And of course everyone that has helped me get here, there are too many of you to name.  I am not closing the door just yet, but I am not jumping into anything either.  Time is ticking for me. 

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