Sperry: Jacare tougher fight for Chris Weidman than Anderson Silva

Friday, September 27, 2013

BTT co-founder Mario Sperry is a legend in the sport, and at age 46 he is not done yet. He is currently training in Brazil for a grappling superfight against Fabio Gurgel at the 2013 Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Wrestling World Championships in China.

Sperry recently conducted a wide-ranging interview with Marcelo Alonso, that included his thoughts on Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza and Chris Weidman.

For TUF era fans, Jacare means Alligator in Brazilian Portuguese.

Marcelo Alonso: Who do you favor in the Silva-Weidman rematch?

Mario Sperry: It will once again be a tough fight for Anderson due to the abilities of Weidman. The first fight was not easy, and the second will not be. Weidman will come even more prepared.

MA: In our last talk you said Jacare is a tougher opponent for Weidman than Silva. Why do you think so?

MS: Comparisons are complicated, but I think their styles match. What does Weidman do best? Takedowns. What Jacare do best? Jiu – jitsu. So that’s why I think Jacare would be more complicated. Against Jacare, Weidman would be insecure, unsure if the fight would unfold standing or on the ground. Against Anderson, he can expect to fight standing. And this unpredictability makes, for me, Jacare more dangerous for Weidman. Also, I´m really impressed the way Jacaré is developing his MMA game. I see him training here every day. His ground game is amazing. He has dangerous weapons standing up, his cardio is absolutely impressive and his heart is scary. I see him with all the tools to be a champion.

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What do you think UG? What shot does Jacare have at the world title?