Stann: If it goes 5 rounds, we’ll both need plastic surgery

Monday, February 25, 2013

You can count in three things in life: Death, Taxes, and when Brian Stann and Wanderlei Silva step inot the Octagin, Saturday at UFC on FUEL 8 from Japan, they will fight.

Stann recently appeared on The MMA hour,

“I suspect it will be the Wanderlei we’ve seen in recent years,” said Stann. “Where he’s a little bit more retreating in the first round, comes forward in the second round, looking to counterpunch with the big right hand. Regardless, I’m going to set the pace right away, I’m going to be aggressive for five rounds.

“If it goes five rounds, we’re both going to need plastic surgery. I suspect it will go no more than three and somebody’s going to be unconscious at the end of this fight…”

“I’m very comfortable going five rounds, I’ll just look like a completely different person if I go five rounds with Wanderlei. So will he.”

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