Stann: Sonnen causing ‘paradigm shift’ in MMA

Friday, July 26, 2013

Something Brian Stann realizes is that as the sport of mixed martial arts begings to grow, things will change, and one of those important changes for fighters is that they need to make their own fights more important:

“Jake and Rory is probably the one that is most exciting outside of the main event. You’re seeing a paradigm shift in mixed martial arts in recent years because of what Chael Sonnen’s done and Jake is a pupil of Sonnen. I don’t know if people have realized that with it being behind-the-scenes, but he is,” revealed Stann.

“Fighters are starting to realize that they have to make their fight matter. Boxers have done this for years where they go out and promote to sell their fight and Ellenberger has basically done that. He’s fighting a guy he truly does not like, and he has told him ‘I want to fight you’ and he’s been rewarded with Rory wanting to fight him with major title implications between two guys who are really, really good.”

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