Story to GSP: Take the fight to Hendricks

Monday, November 11, 2013

Rick Story is the only man to ever defeat Johny Hendricks, not only in the Octagon, but in his career and that’s exactly why Story was brought up to Canada to help the champion prepare for his title defense.

Story won a unanimous three round decision against Hendricks in 2010, and his best advice to St-Pierre is to take the fight to him:

“Firas Zahabi really wanted me to come train with Georges, and since I was the only person to beat Johny Hendricks, it makes sense that Firas was pretty persistent,” Story told MMAjunkie.

Even though Hendricks has improved dramatically since his December 2010 loss to Story, “The Horror” was still able to share some fundamental advice with the reigning welterweight champion.

The most noteworthy of that advice? Put Hendricks on the defensive and make one of the sport’s most devastating power punchers fight while moving backward.

“Take the fight to him,” Story said of his advice to St-Pierre. “Johny has everyone backing up, and then if someone tries to get him to go backwards, Johny will take them down.

“I took the fight to Johny, that’s the only difference, so that’s what I emphasized.”

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