Strikeforce Challengers 10 salaries announced

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The total disclosed payroll for the Aug. 13 event was $53,250. The Showtime-televised event took place at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix and marked Strikeforce’s debut in Arizona.

Joe Riggs: $15,000
def. Louis Taylor: $2,000

Miesha Tate: $18,000
def. Hitomi Akano: $4,900

Ryan Couture: $3,000
def. Lucas Stark: $1,000

Hitomi Akano: see above
def. Carina Damm: $2,100

Miesha Tate: see above
def. Maiju Kujala: $1,750

Liz Carmouche: $2,000 (includes $1,000 win bonus)
def. Colleen Schneider: $1,000

Chris Gruetzemacher: $2,000 (includes $1,000 win bonus)
def. Ryan Diaz: $500

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