Struve cleared, expecting spring return

Monday, January 13, 2014

Stefan Struve was one of the heavyweight divisions rising stars until an enlarged heart and leaking valve was discovered. However, Struve has been cleared by doctor’s and expects a full return to the UFC:

“Everything went really well. Everything was where the doctor wanted it to be. As it is right now, my heart is still bigger than the heart of a normal human being. Half of that is because I’m as tall as I am and the other because I’m an athlete and my size adapted to the size it had to be to adapt to my body. If I would have had that alone, it would be no problem. But, I was born with it and the leaking aortic valve. If you go long without being treated, then it can become a danger.

The main thing you notice with this condition is your cardio output. When they first discovered it, the leakage was about 30 to 40 percent and right now it’s about maybe 10 percent or less.

It’s really good and I asked the doctor the question: ‘Right now, if you had to clear me right now for a fight, would you clear me?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, of course. The amount of leakage you have right now, you shouldn’t be able to feel anything with it.'”

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