Superstar Billy Graham: I will be walking Sonnen to the cage

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chael Sonnen is widely regarded as the best trash talker in fight sports since Muhammad Ali. However, The Gangster from Oregon’s immediate inspiration is not the ‘Louisville Lip’ but rather, like Ali, Sonnen learned how to work a mic from pro wrestling. Ali had Gorgeous George, and Chael has The Superstar, Billy Graham.

This is Sonnen doing his thing Saturday night:

And this is Graham, back in 1975:

And now the two will be united, cageside. Graham made the announcement via his Facebook page.

Billy Graham August 19
UFC Fighter Cheal Sonnen gave me a surprise phone call this afternoon 5:30 Phoenix time Monday, August 19th. We had a fun conversation about him using my promos and I will be looking to go to one of his fights and walk him to the ring and sit ring side to show my support for him sometime in the fall.