Swanson not a fan how McGregor carries himself

Monday, July 21, 2014

Featherweight contender Cub Swason talks to the UG's Jonathan Shrager regarding a plurality of subjects, including;

-His experience so far of Ireland and his impressions of the Irish people. Topics include Guinness, Google Glasses and Golf.

-His opinions on Conor McGregor as a martial artist and man, Cub's response to Conor's remarks directed at him, the prospective matchup between both men, how Conor's marketability might fast track his progress to the title shot, and the genuine threat posed by Diego Brandao to Conor's burgeoning profile.

-Who appeals to Cub as his next adversary, and his route to a title shot.

-How he'd strategically approach a rematch with Jose Aldo.

-USA's recent impressive display in the World Cup, and whether USA could win a World Cup prior to England, how football (“soccer”) rates globally against MMA in terms of popularity and its potential for growth, and how football skills can prove useful when transitioning to MMA.

-Cub's philosophy towards Martial Arts.