Swick: Shamrock against bullying is like a dealer against drugs

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Frank Shamrock recently cut an anti bullying video that generated some heated responses. The latest MMA figure to weigh in is Mike Swick

“ARE YOU KIDDING FRANK SHAMROCK!?!? I have seen it all now! I usually keep my mouth shut and stay far away from any controversy or disputes with other fighters but this is too much!

Frank Shamrock started a foundation to fight bullies because he was cyber-bullied? OMG thats ironic considering he was the biggest bully at our gym until we had to split him from our team. I cant even list the fighters on the team that were injured and hurt by him and that he passed out in chokes even after they tapped.

This is like making the drug dealer a cop so he can help them get more drug dealers. This is like dropping salt into an open flesh wound right before spilling alcohol into it too.”

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