TKZ also broke face (eye orbital) and foot at UFC 163

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Not only did Chan Sung Jung dislocate his shoulder in a losing effort to Jose Aldo at UFC 163, apparently he also had his face fractured:

While challenger Chan Sung Jung’s injury woes seemed apparent, suffering a separated right shoulder in the midst of throwing a punch, it was not his only injury coming out of the bout.

The “Korean Zombie” also suffered a fractured orbital bone during the loss, his manager Brian “Shug” Rhee told FOX Sports.

Orbital bone breaks are often seen in combat sports like MMA and boxing. Treatment and recovery time vary depending on severity. According to Rhee, Jung is expected to visit specialists for both his shoulder and eye by the end of the week, and should have more information about his expected prognosis then.

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Update: Apparently Jung also broke his foot in the bout. No wonder they call this guy the Korean Zombie!

“The Korean Zombie” was mobbed by the media upon his return to his home country and he revealed that on top of the separated shoulder and the fractured face, he tells yonhapnews that he also believes he fractured his foot during the bout (pictured above).

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