TUF 10 Episode 8 recap

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

This week’s eighth episode of “The Ultimate Fighter 10” could be a potentially historic one with coach Rashad Evans looking to sweep the first round, 8-0, over coach Quinton Jackson.

No coach has ever swept the first round of competition, and as we learned last week, Mike Wessel could help accomplish just that by upsetting Team Rampage’s Marcus Jones, the most accomplished of the season’s four NFL vets.

As the episode begins, we see highlights from the previous fight between Matt Mitrione and one-time UFC fighter Scott Junk. Mitrione upset the Team Rampage fighter. In fact, many cast members thought Scott would win the whole competition, and they voice their frustration and confusion over his lackluster performance during a series of confessionals.

Although Matt ultimately took the fight via majority decision, Scott thought the bout warranted a third round. The judges (and Rashad) disagreed, and we get to see a replay of Rampage’s post-fight tirade in which he destroys one of the training center’s cheaply constructed doors.

“The last thing you want to be here on the set of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ is a door,” jokes UFC president Dana White, who’s seen a few such door assaults. “There’s no future in being a door here.”

Rashad calls his rival coach a “clown” for the outburst. In a confessional, Rampage admits it was rather pathtic and jokes that he can’t even tell the door he’s sorry.

The opening round matchups went this way:

    * Jon Madsen (Team Rashad) def. Abe Wagner (Team Rampage)
    * James McSweeney (Team Rashad) def. Wes Shivers (Team Rampage)
    * Roy Nelson (Team Rashad) def. Kimbo Slice (Team Rampage)
    * Brendan Schaub (Team Rashad) def. Demico Rogers (Team Rampage)
    * Justin Wren (Team Rashad) def. Wes Sims (Team Rampage)
    * Darrill Schoonover (Team Rashad) def. Zak Jensen (Team Rampage)
    * Matt Mitrione (Team Rashad) def. Scott Junk (Team Rampage)
    * Marcus Jones (Team Rampage) def. Mike Wessel (Team Rashad)

As each fighter states his case, Dana admits one fighter has rubbed him the wrong way. It seems the UFC’s head honcho just can’t stand Roy Nelson, and when the former IFL champ makes a show out of saying he’ll fight anyone and breaking down each potential opponent, Dana tells him his fight wasn’t that exciting and that he should pump the brakes on his cockiness.

After all the conferences, the quarterfinal matchups are determined. Dana reveals them to the group:

    * Roy Nelson (Team Rashad) vs. Justin Wren (Team Rashad)
    * Brendan Schaub (Team Rashad) vs. Jon Madsen (Team Rashad)
    * James McSweeney (Team Rashad) vs. Matt Mitrione (Team Rashad)
    * Darrill Schoonover (Team Rashad) vs. Marcus Jones (Team Rampage)

“We gotta throw him a bone,” Dana says about the Darrill vs. Marcus matchup, which Rampage campaigned for.

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