TUF 11 Uscola vs Attonito stoppage controversy

Thursday, April 22, 2010

In TUF 11, Episode 4, Kyacey Uscola and Rich Attonito square off. The two trade right hands in the early going, but the action is sporadic until Attonito lands upstairs in the second minute and drops Uscola. Attonito immediately moves in for the finish and fires away with both hands. Uscola is able to weather the storm and get back to his feet, but a big slam by Attonito puts him in trouble again. Amazingly, Uscola grabs Attonito’s arm and reverses position, ending up in side control against the fence. In an ensuing scramble though, Uscola knees his downed opponent to the head, and with Attonito unable to continue, he is disqualified.

“After that second one hit me, everything got real fuzzy,” said Attonito. “At that point it took me a few minutes to get my faculties about me.”

“He was looking for a way out,” said an inconsolable Uscola. “I respect Rich as a person but not as a fighter right now.”

The now 0-4 Ortiz is even angrier at the turn of events, and a door in the new gym is the casualty of his anger.

The legality of both the knees and the slam werehotly debated among the fans.

You decide.