Wednesday, October 13, 2010

With Spencer and Nam on weight, it’s fight time. And we’ve got:

Team GSP’s Spencer Paige (7-2) vs. Team Koscheck’s Nam Phan (16-7)

The southpaw Spencer quickly establishes momentum with a series of hard kicks to Nam’s body. Nam soldiers on in spite of the shots and looks to employ a straight right to his opponent’s chin. He’s taken off his feet once by a hard leg kick, but he manages to find a home for his punch and briefly deposits Spencer on his butt.

Overall, though, it’s Spencer who’s doing most of the damage. He’s mixing kicks to the body with stiff punching combinations and is more accurately sniping at Nam, who nonetheless charges ahead.

Finally, Nam blocks a kick to the body, and the fight does a complete 180-degree turn. The Southern California veteran quickly takes Spencer down and begins a furious stretch of ground and pound. Spencer looks helpless. He’s taking shot after shot against the cage, and referee Herb Dean is inching closer. A few upkicks buy him some time, but Nam ends the round in dominant fashion when he leaps into side control and secures a kimura that looks like a done deal. Spencer winces but guts out the remaining five seconds of the round.

In between gratuitous shots of Playboy playmate and UFC ring card girl Arianny Celeste’s behind, Spencer says his left foot is broken. Georges tells him not to think about it. But when the round gets started, it’s clear Spencer is not the same guy. He lands a kick to Nam’s body and visibly bunny hops on his right leg. Nam turns up the tempo with punches and high kicks, and Spencer is now a guy on the defensive.

Inexplicably, Nam never attacks his opponent’s damaged leg.

Spencer nobly fights on in spite of the pain in his foot, but he’s simply not equipped to match Nam’s striking pressure. He curses himself as the fight begins to slip away.

Meanwhile, Nam continues to rack up points with his hands and his feet. His right hand is landing regularly, and he’s attacking the body as well.

When the final bell rings, the fight’s winner is not in question.

In his post-fight confessional, a defeated Spencer says he likely broke his foot when Nam checked one of his kicks, and he also broke his hand throwing a punch. Not great conditions for a good performance.

Judges declare Nam the winner, and that’s a wrap with the fourth elimination fight.

Josh is ecstatic and takes an easy opportunity to gloat. Back in the locker room, Team Koscheck regresses 10 years and pounds on the common wall between the teams as Team GSP mourns Spencer’s loss. Georges looks pissed.

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