TUF 18, Episode 12 recap: Another weight cut fiasco

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tonight’s episode of ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Rousey vs. Tate’ featured the second men’s semi-final bout between David Grant and Anthony Gutierrez. Or did it?

Remember on episode nine when Ronda threw Miesha under the bus for the exact same thing?

The entire team has to get involved and they go through a disgustingly brutal process to try to get this kid down to 136 and by the time the weigh ins roll around, he’s not even close. 140 on his first attempt. As expected, Grant hits his mark without incident.

Gutierrez has an hour to lose four pounds and he looks devastated. They stick him back in the sauna and he’s breaking down. So much for all that tough guy talk about eating whatever he wants. To date, Ross Pointon is the only guy to pull that off and that was on season three.

Ross went to bed on a full stomach and somehow woke up eight pounds lighter.

Anyway, this clown doesn’t make weight and quits before the hour is up. Not even Manny Gamburyan’s death stare can scare him back into the sauna. What a waste. Time for his come to Jesus meeting with Dana and yep, he’s gonzo. Pretty sad for a guy who didn’t even have to fight to get to the semis.


Grant gets into the live finale on a forfeit. Ronda storms into Dana’s office and tells him she’s going to make weight in three days and he can’t figure out why. She tries to take responsibility for the mishap but he’s not having it and gives her a consolation hug.

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