TUF 19, Episode 2 recap and fight result

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The second episode of the nineteenth season of the Ultimate Fighter aired tonight at 10:00 PM EST featured a bout between Cathal Pendred and Hector Urbina.


Round 1 – Urbina opens with an outside leg kick. Pendred lands a hard uppercut. Urbina clinches and attempts to press Pendred against the fence. Pendred reverses the position and now has Urbina’s back against the fence. Urbina looks for a takedown but Pendred sprawls. He throws a few punches and breaks position. Urbina presses forward with several haymakers but nothing lands clean. Pendred initiates the clinch again and has Urbin’a s back against the cage as he works his dirty boxing. Urbina lands several solid shots in the flurry and drops Pendred with an uppercut. Pendred is badly hurt but he can’t finish. Urbina lands a takedown and is now in side control. Urbina works for a kimura but is unable to finish it. Urbina works his ground-and-pound from the top and looks to secure a standing guillotine as Pendred gets back to his feet. Pendred escapes and now they are in striking range. Pendred lands an uppercut and a knee. Both men are throwing huge power in every strike and are landing with regularity. Pendred clinches again but they break after some punches from in close. Urbina lands a takedown but Pendred pops right back to his feet. Urbina looks for a throw from the clinch but can’t get it. Penred pushes Urbina against the fence again as the bell sounds.

Round 2 – Both men have visibly slowed after a tough first round. Urbina strikes his way into the clinch but is met with a Pendred takedown. Urbina immediately works for a kimura from the bottom and rolls into a turtle position. Pendred keeps him down with a headlock and throw knees to the shoulders. Pendred gets back to his feet and throws a combination. Pendred goes for another takedown and gets it. Within seconds, Urbina reverses him and gets on top. Pendred climbs back to the feet and it’s now a battle for position against the fence. Pendred lands another takedown from the clinch and Urbina drops for a guillotine. Pendred escapes and advances to side control. Pendred throws more knees to the body and shoulders from a similar position as earlier in the round. Urbina gets back to his feet and eats a few knees to the head for his troubles. They break into open space, but resume the clinch shortly after. Urbina gets a takedown and ends the round on top throwing punches and elbows.

Round 3 – Pendred lands an inside leg kick. Pendred strikes to get inside where he wraps up Urbina’s legs for a takedown. Urbina attempts to get back to his feet but is trapped against the fence. Pendred holds the position and works knees and punches to the body. Pendred is doing little in the way of damage, but Urbina is making little effort to escape. Urbina finally moves, however, he can’t escape from Pendred’s grasp on the mat. Urbina gets back to the feet with less than one minute left in the round. He rushed forward with a combination but exposes himself for a big takedown by Pendred. The round ends with Urbina battling to regain a vertical position, but it’s too little too late.

Cathal Pendred def. Hector Urbina via decision

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