TUF Brazil 3 Finale Octagon Girl finalists

Sunday, April 20, 2014

TUF Brazil 3 of course features 16 contestants for a highly coveted title. And it features 16 fighters fighting for a UFC contract. The fighters get free housing, food, and world-class training, and they serve as judges in the Octagon girl contest.

In this video, UFC Brazil host Paula Sack introduces the eight finalists for Octagon Girl at the TUF Brazil 3 Finale.

Two of them have already experienced what it is like to be an Octagon girl! 

“It was really exciting,” said Francine Pantaleao. “It was the first time I saw a fight live. I've watched the boy's tension from Octagon side. It was an incredible experience. I love it!”

Her remarks were echoed by fellow contestant Rafaella Machado.

“It was really cool and different,” said Machado. “I believe that what we've seen through television and now I mean, we watch it from a very special place. The adrenaline in intense.”

In other news, the video reports that two of the girls actually practice MMA!

“Taekwondo,” affirms Ana Cecilia. “Actually my entire family trains. My mother's got a black belt and my brothers also train. So this is really cool, something in the family.”

Cecilia is not the only Octagon girl who does MMA!

“Boxing is amazing for conditioning,” explains Camila Bortolazzo. “I love it. I've been training for one year now.”