TUF Smashes, Episode 1 recap

Thursday, September 20, 2012

-Dana pays a visit to the “TUF” house, surprising the fighters. He gives them another pep talk. He tells them that no one knows what the top tier UFC fighters make – but hopefully one day they’ll get to find out just how much that is.

-During a training session, Team U.K.’s Michael Pastou injures his bicep. He’ll need surgery, and his “TUF” future looks doubtful.

-Pearson will go with welterweights for the first fight, and Sots picks Team Australia’s Ben Alloway to fight Team UK’s Valentino Petrescu. The two fighters face off.

-The fighters are cleared at official weigh-ins when Alloway weighs 170.5 pounds and Petrescu weighs 171.

-After a back-and-forth first round, Alloway defeats Henescu via second-round TKO after dropping him and pounding him out with follow-up punches. Team Australia goes up 1-0 in the competition.

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