TUF’s Timmy Gorman wants to fight Caraway, for a date with Tate

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Post TUF 18 & would like to beat up Caraway 4 fun

From: Timmy Gorman
Posted: 2 days ago
Member Since: 9/6/13

Timmy Gorman from TUF 18 here. I’m new to this. I am not good with computers, websites, TV, phones and most tech stuff so give me a break, just not into that stuff. I hear this is where the true fans are at and stopping by to say what up!

I was getting crap on twitter from not knowing Tate. I wasn’t trying to be a dick or anything, I really didn’t. Watch this video I made. Now that I know Miesha I like her a lot, want to take her out and beat up her BF Caraway just for fun.

I’ll keep training hard and speaking my mind. Thanks to all that understand me and support me.


 “I think Miesha Tate’s a great girl. Obviously, she’s a great-looking girl and I’d love to take her out on a date sometime. I guess, really, the only thing holding me back from taking Miesha Tate out on a date is her boyfriend, Bryan Caraway. He fights in the UFC at 135, which is my same weight class. I don’t want any money; I’ll fight for free. So Bryan Caraway, I want you. Your girlfriend’s on the line in this fight, buddy.”